Mission for legal assessments in Gambia and Guinea

29 May 2019

Marta Ribeiro, legal expert of the GoGIN project, conducted two missions for legal assessment, one in Gambia and the other in Guinea, in close collaboration with the UNODC (represented by Juge Ousmane Diouf), the ICC (represented by Cdr Moses Elijah) and the CRESMAO (represented by Cdr Joël Gbeuly). The purpose of these first missions in both countries was to collect information for supporting the development of a comprehensive analysis of the national legislation adopted for implementation of the relevant international conventions applicable to crime at sea. The final reports will be elaborated by the UNODC and GoGIN and will include a set of recommendations for future actions, such as law reforms and training within the Yaoundé architecture framework. The technical meetings with the national authorities were held in a very open and cooperative environment, which triggered fruitful conversations and sharing of relevant information. The evident interest of maritime administrations, law enforcement officials and justice sector in the outcome of the reports opens promising prospects for future joint-activities concerning law reform and training courses.

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