Equatorial Guinea centres trained at YARIS

20 Dec 2023

[Malabo, 20 to 24 November 2023] The coordination of maritime safety and security is essential to monitor and combat any illegal activity at sea (suspicious vessels, armed attacks, acts of piracy, pollution, illegal fishing, etc.). In Equatorial Guinea, this is carried out by the national Navy.

The Yaoundé Code of Conduct signed in June 2013 placed information sharing at a strategic level and established a network of maritime centres (at national, zonal and regional level) known as the Yaoundé Architecture. The Republic of Equatorial Guinea is a signatory along with the 18 other signatory countries. The Kinshasa protocol signed in October 2009 between the ECCAS member states was a precursor to this Code of conduct, and established the CRESMAC, which ensures, among other things, the exchange and collaborative management of information.

CRESMAC, in partnership with the GOGIN II project, has just given basic training in the use of the YARIS platform to staff from the maritime surveillance centre, the port of Bata and the armed forces headquarters. The trainer, Ruddy Gassila Goliele, explained to the 24 participants how to connect to and manipulate YARIS in order to share information and facilitate the coordination of operations when necessary.

At the closing ceremony, chaired by Alfredo Abeso Nvono Onguene, Secretary of State in the Ministry of National Defence, participants demonstrated the YARIS platform to the officials in attendance.

Photo du groupe de 14 formateurs YARIS

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