Fight against IUU fishing workshop in Congo

29 May 2019

From 20 to 23 May 2019, GoGIN and CRESMAC, in collaboration with the Regional Commission for Fisheries of the Gulf of Guinea (COREP) and the NGOs Renatura and WCS, organized a workshop in Pointe-Noire on the fight against illegal, unreported, unregulated fishing (IUU fishing).

During these three days, the theme of IUU fishing has been widely discussed in order to support the improvement of national and regional fight against this major environmental, economic and security threat. More than 35 participants, from fifteen national administrations (marine, fisheries, justice …) and NGOs Renatura and WCS, participated in the workshop.

Numerous debates and exchanges on lessons learnt have allowed the identification of several lines of action, including the absolute need for synergy of resources and human resources and an essential inter-administration approach to issues. It also opens up very interesting prospects for information exchange between the actors involved, joint enforcement actions and transnational cooperation.

At the end of the session, the Congo Navy Chief of Staff, CV René Nganongo took advantage of this audience to present the new national legal and regulatory framework (Law N°5-2019 of 8 February 2019 & Decree 2019-125 of 3 May 2019) which aims to considerably strengthen the existing structures of the action of State at sea and to make even more operational, the multi-agency approach that imposes.

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