MICA Center Annual Report 2022 is out!

11 Jan 2023

[Source : MICA Center]

Now a tradition, with New Year wishes comes the MICA Center Annual Report on Maritime security Worldwide.

Although the decline in maritime piracy and robbery that began in 2021 continued in 2022, this decrease is due in particular to a noteworthy drop in piracy events, while acts of robbery are stable or even increasing in some areas of the world. Many factors can explain this decline in maritime piracy, including the involvement of all stakeholders, private and state, regional and extra-regional. However, compliance to Best Management Practices and vigilance remains key and many other factors affect maritime security overall.

Indeed, threats to maritime security must be considered in their entirety. Therefore, this review addresses other areas of concern to the maritime world.

As we did last year, we have invited our partners to give us their views. Drug trafficking, human trafficking and smuggling remain a major concern worldwide. Besides, not to mention mines in the Black Sea, current geopolitical events have highlighted other threats to maritime space, such as those to undersea cables and pipelines or cyber risks affecting ships and port infrastructures.

Hopefully, this MICA Center annual report 2022 captures most of them and helps raising awareness for the benefit of seafarer ’s security.

MICA Center wishes you a very Happy and Secure New Year 2023, and fair winds & following seas to all seafarers.

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