The YARIS Platform Helps Enhance Maritime Surveillance in Guinea

16 Jan 2023

At the request of Guinea’s Maritime Prefecture, a training session on maritime surveillance and crisis management was coordinated by GoGIN and CRESMAC experts from 12 to 16 December 2022. 

Training on crisis management

The event was attended by 17 operational managers from 7 administrations of the State action at sea: the Maritime Prefecture, the Navy, Customs, the Maritime Gendarmerie, the Port of Conakry, the Merchant Navy and the Fisheries Directorate. Supported by a 3-trainer-facilitation unit, they used the YARIS platform to simulate a maritime crisis situation following a request for assistance to a ship in distress off the coast of Conakry, and to coordinate responses according to the responsibilities specific to each administration involved. The training also enabled trainees to strengthen their information management skills with the YARIS tool.

Speaking at the closing ceremony chaired by Colonel Mohamed Sylla representing the Minister of Defence, Maritime Prefect Colonel Amadou Sow reiterated his interest in the YARIS system:

“The skills acquired during this session, added to those you acquired from the previous ones, should enable you not only to enter, share and process data, but also to prepare and conduct the necessary operations in all initiatives aimed at countering maritime insecurity in our region”.


Need for permanent maritime surveillance

The participants were thus given an opportunity to increase their knowledge on how to ensure maritime surveillance and crisis management using the YARIS platform. Beyond these five days of practical training, the Maritime Prefecture has emphasised the need for permanent maritime monitoring involving all relevant authorities. Therefore, the authorities involved will be equipped to respond to any crisis situation in the maritime and/or port sector via their crisis directorate and based on a hybrid approach (face-to-face, semi-remote or remote activation of the crisis team).

Remote support is planned for January 2023, with the aim of conducting monthly crisis management exercises led by the Maritime Prefecture and supported by YARIS experts.

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