Lessons learnt by the YARIS trainers in Paris

6 Jul 2022

The team of YARIS trainers shared lessons learnt, discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the YARIS platform and agreed on a new learning approach during a workshop in Paris from 20 to 24 June 2022.

A look back over a week of dialogue and exchange

Training in the use of YARIS is provided by a joint team of 20 people from GoGIN+, ICC-CIC, CRESMAO, CRESMAC, ARSTM, and MMCC/D. After having delivered about ten in-person sessions, it was essential to review the situation, to share the issues and the same approach so that YARIS can be used more effectively in the maritime centres.

To open the session, representatives of the ICC, CRESMAO and CRESMAC presented their feedback on the use of the YARIS platform in the maritime centres of Central and West Africa. The platform is beginning to be known and recognised but its use is not yet widespread.

As a result the GoGIN management proposed a new teaching approach in which learning the tool’s functionalities would go together with mastering maritime domain awareness. This approach is based on the pragmatic construction and use of the maritime picture specific to each centre, which will enable them to continuously conduct an adapted watch but also to respond to crisis situations. The participants were able to carry out practical exercises to familiarise themselves with this approach.

An evolving system

Like any IT system, the YARIS platform is constantly evolving to meet user demands and to adapt to new technical developments. A session was devoted to the specificities of IT development, cybersecurity issues and support and maintenance services, in the presence of representatives of the consortium Zertive Consulting, Xsealence, SplendidAdvice, in charge of YARIS IT development.

Participants also discussed with the GoGIN team members in charge of communication, monitoring-evaluation and capitalisation, and the logistical organisation of missions.

These five days were rich in exchanges, proposals and reflections to optimise the use of the YARIS information system in the maritime centres of Central and West Africa.

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