The YARIS platform is deployed in the Gulf of Guinea

28 Jan 2021

The implementation of YARIS, maritime information sharing platform for the Gulf of Guinea, is starting its dissemination phase among users of the Yaoundé architecture. A training programme has been defined in agreement with the maritime centers as well as certain high regional authorities, such as the ECOWAS Department for Political Affairs, Peace and Security. It will take place remotely and in-situ, depending on developments of COVID19, and will be led by pools of mixed trainers (from GoGIN or maritime operational centers).

The training programme is structured in two types of content, the first dedicated to the operational use of YARIS and the second to the system administration.

Operational use of the platform

This training is progressive, ranging from basic individual training to practical inter-center training. At the end of these sessions, center staff will be able to operationally use the platform in both national and regional context. The programme starts with basic training given remotely by the GoGIN training team; the participants, grouped by language (English, French, Portuguese) will thus discover all the functionalities of YARIS and practice under the guidance of the trainers (Period: January-February).

Tailored support for the teams of each maritime operational center will follow, according to a schedule established with national officials (Period: February-June). This support will be provided by pool of mixed trainers, commencing by a first set of centers and countries.

IT administration of the platform

The IT administration of the platform will be carried out at different levels so that each center can reach a certain level of autonomy in terms of configuration and network management (national, regional and inter-regional levels). These lessons will be provided face to face during trilingual group sessions.

At the end of this complete training programme, the current teams of the trained centers will be able to use on daily basis the YARIS platform. Beyond that, trainers from regional centers (CMMC, CRES or ICC) will be able to provide training to new centers or staff, after the end of the GOGIN project.

Training materials are accessible from the platform in the three languages spoken in the Gulf of Guinea (English, French, Portuguese).

In parallel with this training programme, the transfer of YARIS ownership is being discussed between the European bodies (European Commission, European Delegations and projects) and the authorities responsible for the Yaoundé architecture (regional communities).

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