Cameroon centres now equipped to use the information sharing system YARIS

16 Nov 2019

To prepare the installation of the forthcoming information sharing system YARIS, the GoGIN project proceeded with equipment transfer within the different maritime security centres located in Cameroon, dedicated to maritime data visualisation and analysis.

Christophe Girin, Central Africa Regional Coordinator of the GoGIN project was in charge of the material hand-over in association with the selected supplier company for Cameroon, Eagle Vision, based in Yaoundé and represented by its director, Mr Mirabeau Takala.

On October 16th, the zone D multinational maritime coordination centre (MMCC) received three computers, two wall screens, a printer and an inverter in the presence of Sub-lieutenant Jérôme Djopong de Massok, representing Captain Sylvestre Fonkoua Mbah (director).

Lieutenant-Commander Joël Socrates Manga, Chief officer of State action at sea division, received, in turn, two computers, two wall screens, a printer and an inverter on behalf of the Maritime Operation Centre (MOC) of the Cameroon Navy.

On October 17th, Captain Emmanuel Bell Bell, Head of the information and communication department of the Interregional Coordination Center (ICC) of Yaoundé took delivery of five computers, two wall screens, two printers and two inverters enabling the ICC to pilot the YARIS information system under development.

The YARIS system is designed to foster secure information sharing amongst Yaoundé architecture ’s different centres, allowing all an acute maritime domain awareness at all times and optimized coordination of operations at sea. The system (under development) will be operational by June 2020.

This IT material transfer underlines the support provided since 3 years by the GoGIN project to Yaoundé architecture.

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