Angolan Navy Operations Centre is trained to use the YARIS platform

26 Oct 2021

[Luanda, 22 October 2021] The Chief of Operations Directorate of the Angolan Navy (MGA), Vice Admiral MANUEL FERREIRA DE JESUS, chaired the closing ceremony of the advanced training programme of the YARIS (Yaoundé Architecture Regional Information System) platform in the presence of Angolan Navy officers, high representatives of the European Union and France, and Officers of the Ministry of National Defence and Homeland Veterans. The graduation ceremony took place in the Commander “ORLOG” Conference Room, located in the Naval Base of Luanda, on 22 October, at 10am. Download the press release.

Angola’s maritime security is coordinated by the Maritime Operations Centre (MOC) of the Angolan Navy (MGA). The MOC Angola is an operational body, in charge of the constant monitoring of all Angolan maritime spaces against violations of the national sovereignty, customs and fishing infractions, as well as to guarantee the interconnection between the different sectors of maritime interest. To this end, it works in close collaboration with the Multisectoral Group for Maritime Surveillance and Inspection, including 14 Ministries and agencies with maritime interest.

From 11th to 22nd October, twenty-one participants working at the MOC received an advanced training on YARIS, delivered by a mixed team formed of instructors from GoGIN and CRESMAC.

The aim of this in-person training is to allow centre staff to use YARIS in an operational context. In the case of Angolan MOC, the focus was on both presenting the host of system functionalities whilst also supporting centres to embed this tool within their own operating procedures. Participants were given fictional scenarios on different themes (pollution, SAR, IUU fishing, piracy, human trafficking) to practice sharing situations, appropriating YARIS, and measuring its performance in daily missions.

Commander Sebastião António Gregório, Chief of MOC Angola, who expressed his satisfaction, appreciated the commitment of the entities that have shown their willingness to support in terms of continuous training and capacity building the staff assigned to the MOC Angola, such as the EU GoGIN, CRESMAC and the ICC, making training a priority in the MGA. He also thanked the trainers, for the effort and dedication shown throughout the training.

In the same period, this personalised support is rolling out by a mixed pool of trainers (GoGIN and YA centres) in Liberia, RDC, Togo as well as in MMCC Zone E; in addition, the YARIS platform will be used as primary communication tool during the forthcoming French-led African Grand Nemo exercise.

In time, trained teams will be able to use the YARIS platform to ensure on a daily basis, improved maritime surveillance, sharing of operational or institutional information, and effective coordination of operations when necessary.

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