An e-learning platform to enhance skills in the Gulf of Guinea

27 Feb 2020

In an initial meeting on 16 January in Lisbon, the GoGIN team, Expertise France and the Edisoft-EDU Digital consortium defined the development agenda of the TESS e-learning platform (Training and Education Support System).

The TESS platform will be deployed in the 27 maritime centres of the Yaoundé Architecture and in three regional maritime universities. It will enable the joint organisation of training and practical exercises in areas of common interest such as illegal fishing, marine pollution, or crisis management.

This tool will equally contribute to the development of information sharing between administrations on both national and regional levels, as well as reinforcing information sharing and dialogue to more effectively combat criminality at sea.

The EDISOFT-EDU Digital consortium initiated the development of the platform after having specified the agenda and the working modalities with GoGIN and Expertise France. Il will be supported by a working group made up of personnel from the maritime centres of the Yaoundé Architecture, who will interact with the developers to lead to a solution closely fitted to user’s needs. The platform will include the creation and management of lessons and trainings, the management of different users (trainers, learners, educational managers, administrators, etc.) and collaborative tools (shared calendars, wiki, discussion forums, chat).

Multiple formations are planned so that educational managers can appropriate all of the features. An initial training will be held at the end of April. The platform will also be used for upcoming courses and trainings initiated by the GoGIN project. The procedures for transferring the platform property to representatives of the Yaoundé Architecture will be discussed alongside this.

About the consortium

EDISOFT is a joint venture between Thales, NAV Portugal and the Portuguese ministry of Defence which develops and delivers innovative security systems for terrestrial transport, navigation, aeronautics, space and cyberspace.

EDUDigital is a Portuguese company specialising in the development of learning solutions, partners of Moodle and Totara; it consists of agencies in Mozambique, Angola and Cape Verde.

These two organisations together offer an ensemble of excellent knowledge of the maritime sector, e-learning solutions in similar environments to those of maritime centres in the Gulf Guinea, thereby ensuring optimal development of the TESS platform.

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