Ghana maritime agencies trained together in managing the maritime security information

21 Jul 2019

In support of the development of the MMCC zone F (Accra, Ghana), the MMCC director, Commander Kanguli Benning, requested the GoGIN project to provide a specific maritime security information to the MMCC staff and representatives of Ghanaian maritime agencies (MMCC: Multinational Maritime Coordination Centre, part of the Yaounde Architecture, under ECOWAS authority).

Following this request, GoGIN set up a one-week tailored session on maritime security designed and delivered by François Morizur, GoGIN short term expert on 8th to 12th July 2019. Two lecturers of RMU (Regional Maritime University) strengthened the trainer team.

This session covered the key topics related to maritime piracy and its specific situation in the Gulf of Guinea, illustrated by recent piracy case studies. Then the trainees learned how to analyse the information, investigate on board after an incident at sea, and they followed an exercise (war game) with a scenario of maritime incident and a crisis response cell. In addition, a representative of Kongsberg company introduced KSA satellite possibilities.

The training was attended by 33 participants of the various Ghanaian agencies involved in maritime domain: MMCC, Marine Police, Navy, national petroleum industry, Fishery commission, Air Force, Port and Harbour authorities and RMU.

The session was opened by the Deputy Minister of Defence, the Chief of Staff of the Army and the director of MMCC, and widely covered by the media.

This type of training session offered the opportunity to share information and advice while developing an inter-agency culture and the establishment of a professional network. It also gives the opportunity to understand the mission, means, capacities and limitations of the others partners.

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