CRESMAC strengthened in its analysis of the maritime situation

19 Dec 2021

From 3 to 15 December 2021, the staff of CRESMAC (Regional Maritime Security Center for Central Africa) was trained in maritime domain awareness by three trainers from the GoGIN project.

Designed upon the request of CRESMAC’s director, Captain Pierre Midianzou, this training aimed to support the centre in the development of its proper tools for the elaboration of statistics and analyses while also facilitating their integration into the YARIS platform.

During this session, the training team, coordinated by Gilles Chehab, presented all the data available for the analysis of the maritime domain, produced by various sources (AIS, radar, LRIT, etc.). The team then worked with CRESMAC to develop statistical tools (spreadsheets) helpful for analysing the data and its regular reporting (daily, weekly, monthly).

This course, through the intensive use of the analysis function of the YARIS platform, also served to identify the improvements to be made in order to adapt the platform as closely as possible to the needs of the YA centres.

This type of training will be offered to other YA centres based on their objectives and the resources available.

As a result, the analytical role of the CRESMAC within the Yaoundé Architecture is reinforced. Not only will the centre now be able to better sensitise maritime authorities about the reality of threats on the maritime domain, but equally support the maritime centres in identifying suspicious behaviours and conducting operations.

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