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27 Mar 2020

Maritime Domain Awareness for Trade – Gulf of Guinea (MDAT-GoG) is a cooperation centre between the Royal Navy (UKMTO) and the French Navy (MICA-Center) in support of the Yaounde Process. This centre has been in operation since the 20th June 2016.

The primary output from the MDAT-GoG is to contribute by maintaining coherent maritime situational awareness in the central and western African Maritime areas, with the ability to inform and support industry. It contributes to the safety and security of the Mariner in the regional maritime domain. The information supplied by vessels will be treated as commercially confidential.

Details can be found on SHOM Chart 8801CSD or UKHO Chart Q6114, 30th June 2016, to allow them to report their vessels while transiting the revised Voluntary Reporting Area (VRA), also described on both security charts with the MDAT-GoG.

For reducing the response time to alert the different local authorities and also the vessels transiting in vicinity, MDAT-GoG encourage the Masters, CSO’s and companies to contact us 24/7/365 as soon as they have to report an incident by mail or by phone.

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